Handsome Hound Grooming

Pardeeville, WI
(608) 617-8813


The salon is sanitized after each client and maintained in a safe condition.

Services are provided by appointment only. Competitive prices are based on size, condition of coat, and type of style.

  • Pamper your best friend with a full groom! Prices start at $35.

  • Requests for à la carte services are welcome. They include:

    • Bath and anal glands
    • Nail trim
    • Feet trim
    • Ear cleaning
    • Ear trim
    • Teeth brushing with breath spray

    For any others, just ask!

Prices include sales tax. Cash and checks are accepted.

A $30 surcharge applies to dogs with fleas. Please see my Service Policy.

Barkley and Charlie after grooming

Barkley and Charlie – After

Charlie and Barkley before grooming

Charlie and Barkley – Before