Handsome Hound Grooming

Pardeeville, WI
(608) 617-8813

Service Policy

Handsome Hound Grooming strives for the safest and most humane handling of your companion. For these reasons, I require that owners agree to these terms.

  1. All dogs must arrive with a leash.

  2. All vaccinations must be up to date.

  3. If your pet is severely matted, it may be too stressful and painful to comb it out. At that point, I will seek permission to shave your pet.

  4. Preexisting conditions, such as moles, warts, growths, or sores, may be aggravated or cut while grooming. Handsome Hound Grooming will not be liable for veterinary bills that arise from these issues.

  5. Complications may arise if your pet is not healthy, for example, elderly, overweight, has a heart condition, overly matted, or overly nervous. It is also possible for grooming to expose an unknown medical problem or irritate a current one. Grooming is performed at the owner's risk. The owner grants permission to seek emergency veterinary treatment at the owner's expense; however, I will always try to contact the owner first.

  6. The owner will inform the groomer of any condition listed above.

  7. Price will be based on size, condition of coat, and type of style.

  8. Grooming is performed by appointment only. Unexpected interruptions put a dog being groomed at risk and make it difficult to stay on schedule.

  9. Every attempt will be made to have your furry friend ready promptly when promised. Keep in mind this depends on the condition of his or her coat and behavior while being groomed.

  10. Dogs with flea infestations incur a $30 surcharge for flea treatment, cleaning, and sanitation.